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Portal on a painting

Oh hi, Eric!

You've heard of the Flanged Mace, but very few have found it. I, however, can tell you exactly where it is.

You need to also get the Black Metal armor, but do this part first. (The black metal armor is in front of the painting of the Dark Lord, not the author, pictured here) Both the Flanged Mace and Armor will make quick work of the Bah-Lorn

The maker of the game gave one vague hint but didn't say to what it hinted: 

"Come Teleport to me! I am already in the game as a picture"

It was this hint that made me find the flanged mace.


Opposite of the Great Library in Norrab is a gallery of paintings. One of those paintings is Thelia, which will become needed in one other quest. But in this case we're looking at the one called "Painting of a Wizard," with the description reading:

"You look upon a well painted and friendly portrait of a smiling Wizard.


Wizard of Creative Endeavors, by Fizzlebeak. - While never on time or technically brilliant, subject always had a big heart and did his best so that others could find enjoyment out of his spells.

(sounds noble enough)"

Of all the paintings, this is the one that stood out to me as someone who looked like it could resemble the maker of this game. None of the other looked like game geeks!

What to do:

You will need the Spellbook found in the Telefin Grove, and you will need to have learned the Teleport spell found in the Necrocrypt of Kyre. Remember, teleport spells must be thrown one space away from a wall or they fail. Step back from the painting and cast teleport. 

Usually the portals from this spell will cause you to go back to the Statue of Valkin where you most recently gave an offering, but in this case, you will enter into a modern bedroom. In it is the very guy in the painting, and in the back corner, his cat, Tiny Tunes.

The creator, Eric Kinkead, says to you:


You found my apartment!

I wasn't expecting adventurers this evening!

Take what you need. A flanged mace will help you, especially against the Bah-Lorn.

And thank you. Thank you so much for buying this game and helping support me. Every purchase means so much to me, for I can not do this without you. Best of luck!

(You have no idea what this strange wizard is talking about, but his intentions seem true.)

Oh, and the flanged mace, of course, sitting near the "Strange Machine," which is a computer. Take it and leave through the door. In a strange way, not unlike Being John Malkovich, you will be ejected in the middle of Norrab. But hey, you have the flanged mace now!